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Political Influence

HORESTA is constantly working to ensure our members political interests through dialog with politicians, authorities and often in co-operation with other organisations. Regardless the type of your membership Trade-, Full-Service or Employeer, you have access to our political expertise.

We monitor and take active part in the political work in the EU, in the Parliament, Regional and Locally. HORESTA has established a regional structure that ensures the political work can be built upon from the Regional level to the National political work.

This structure is essential in order to gain the necessary influence within the political system.This will in turn allow HORESTA to keep focus on the most important issues of our industry.

We communicate on a regularly basis information regarding laws, legal notices, reforms and arbitrations to our members-, to keep them up to date on regulations pertaining to their operational needs. We supply this work with both financial and legal background information, and a major part of this information is to make visible HORESTA’s views and key issues in the media.

In policies related to Foods stuff and Education, our expertise is supplemented by significant political efforts.

HORESTA monitor on a daily basis the political work in the EU and in the Parliament , in the Danish Regions and Municipalities , and we support this work with both financial and economical documentation, and by being visible in the media.


For further information contact:

Henrik Messmer

Communications Manager 
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80
Mobil: +45 40 98 41 86



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