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The HORESTA Warranty Fond

If you as a costumer have had an unfortunate experience when visiting one of HORESTAs members, their membership will benefit you too.

When visiting one of HORESTAs members you as a guest receive a special warranty scheme. This means that you can fill out a complaint against a company marked with the HORESTA-label and send it to the Complaints Board for Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism. You will, if the board sustains the claim, get compensation for your claim for damages.

The Complaints Board for Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism is a private complaints board established by the Association of the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Industry in Denmark (HORESTA) and the Danish Consumer Council. The Complaints Board for Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism is approved by the Consumer Complaints Board.

In case the company does not comply with the verdict you will, if the company is a member of HORESTA, get your claim covered by the HORESTA Warranty Fond.


For further information contact:

Jan Fischer

Chief Consultant

Sales & Member service
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80
Mobil: +45 22 61 68 64


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