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Membership of HORESTA does not require a collective agreement.

HORESTA is legally split into a trade association (HORESTA) and an employers’ association (HORESTA Employer).

This legal separation means that HORESTA is now a straightforward trade association, while HORESTA Employer is an independent employers’ association and therefore a member of the Confederation of Danish Employers.

HORESTA and HORESTA Employer still have many joint members, but the legal separation is of great practical importance, since HORESTA membership is now open to any business in the industry, regardless of whether it wants a collective agreement or not.

Calculate your subscription
At www.horesta.dk you can make a quick calculation of your business’s annual subscription, which also happens to be tax deductible. To us our online calculator, please visit the Danish website.

Resignation rules
If you wish to resign your membership, you must give 6 months notice in writing to 1 July. If your business is sold or closed down, however, your resignation will become effective at the end of the quarter in which the sale/closure takes place.


For further information contact:

Jan Fischer

Chief Consultant

Sales & Member service
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80
Mobil: +45 22 61 68 64


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