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The Danish Accessibility Association

Access Denmark is an international quality label that provides information about accessible places on the website www.accessdenmark.comwww.godadgang.dk in five languages.

The purpose of the label is to ensure improved accessibility to companies and public buildings for people with disabilities – whether they are congenital or acquired because of disease or age. Therefore, the label can be used as a marketing tool to attract a larger group of clients.

To be labeled companies must go through a quality check. Afterwards a report will state the current accessibility status for the various disability groups and explain what to do to improve the accessibility. Information is provided in fact sheets with all necessary information for each disability group.

Access Denmark was established in 2003 by VisitDenmark, HORESTA and the Danish Council of Organizations of Disabled People (DH).

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For further information please visit www.accessdenmark.com / www.godadgang.dk.



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