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The Danish Hotel Star Classification

An increasing number of countries in Europe are working towards a joint star classification system. With the recent major changes in its classification system, Denmark is moving in the same direction. Our system is now structured in accordance with the same principles as the voluntary joint European system, in which the hotels in all schemes can be awarded between one and five stars.

In Denmark a hotel has to be a member of HORESTA to receive a star rating. Member hotels with more than 40 beds must be classified, whereas classification is optional for smaller establishments.

Classification is based on a large number of objective criteria – i.e. specific, physical facilities and services – and so is not about what are essentially more subjective factors such as the hotel’s ambience, its location, the view from the rooms or the quality of the food in the restaurant.

HORESTAs classification inspectors visit the hotels regularly to make sure that they still satisfy the current classification requirements for their particular star rating.

With effect from 1 January 2010 HORESTA introduced a classification system that differs from the previous method of rating hotels on a number of different points. The system has been developed to make the star classification more up to date and flexible, to provide better opportunities for dynamic development and, not least, to bring the classification into line with the expectations of hotels and their guests, as well as international development.

How it works
All classified hotels are members of HORESTA. Hotels in all five star categories must satisfy some basic criteria. The higher the number of stars, the more basic criteria need to be fulfilled. As well as having to fulfill the basic criteria, hotels must also achieve a certain number of additional points in order to earn a given number of stars. The hotel has to achieve these additional points which derive from of a catalogue of criteria, where each criterion is nominated between one and five points. This catalogue of criteria is largest for one-star hotels and smallest for five-star hotels, since it naturally follows that five-star hotels have to fulfill far more minimum requirements in order to achieve their rating. In other words, the more minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled, the fewer possibilities there are to obtain additional points.

Download the criteria for the star classification

More information
You can find out more about HORESTAs classifications at horesta.dk (in danish)and about how individual hotels meet the criteria at visitdenmark.com (in english).


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