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Cash Benefits

Below you will find some examples of HORESTAs cash membership benefits.

For detailed information, please visit horesta.dk (danish) or contact HORESTA member service department at +45 35 24 80 80 or medlem@horesta.dk.

Teller – MasterCard, etc.
HORESTAs member agreement with Teller regarding payments with foreign credit cards offers large savings. Depending on your turnover, the redemption charge can even drop below 2%. The agreement also cuts the time you have to wait to receive credit card payments from 28 to just 2 banking days, which will have a very positive impact on your cash flow.

Other credit card agreements
HORESTA has also negotiated very low redemption rates and annual fees with Diners Club International.
The whole area of credit cards is currently changing and HORESTAs agreements with the credit card companies are expected to improve further in the future - so always check the latest terms and conditions at horesta.dk or contact HORESTA member service department.

Krak.dk / Eniro.dk – your visibility on the Internet
HORESTAs agreement with krak.dk automatically gives you extra visibility free of charge when your business type is searched for on krak.dk. The agreement represents an annual cash value of approx. DKK 6,000 for every business. Members are also given the opportunity to set up a link from their own website to the krak.dk page that shows where their business is physically located. Among other things, this means that your logo will be displayed on the map, including a route planner and itinerary with your address already filled in and the option of switching the route planner to English, German or Swedish.

You will receive a discount of 25% when purchasing further products on krak.dk and visibility on Eniro.dk.

TDC and Telenor
HORESTAs discount schemes with TDC and Telenor through ITD are among the best on the market. They make it possible to save up to 33% on your telephone/Internet bill.

Save DKK 0.30 on every litre of petrol and/or DKK 1.00 on diesel when you tank up at Statoil. The agreement HORESTA has negotiated with Statoil also includes big discounts on heating oil and other fuels.

TRYG Forsikring
Save up to 30% on your business’s insurance policies and get even better, industry-specific coverage through HORESTAs special agreement with Willis and TRYG Insurance broker companies.

Personal insurance schemes
Your business will have direct access to personal insurance schemes for both you and your employees through Skinnerup Consulting. We offer hospital treatment insurance, accident insurance, income protection, etc.

Debt recovery
HORESTA members are offered a debt recovery service through NODECO, providing access to letters before action, debt recovery management, etc. DKK 475.00 per year when enrolled.

Anticimex makes it easier for you to have complete control of food safety using a preventive, focused and professional approach. HORESTAs members are guaranteed by far the best terms in the industry and receive a 20% discount. HORESTA members are also offered a shorter tie-in period.


For further information contact:

Jan Fischer

Chief Consultant

Sales & Member service
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80
Mobil: +45 22 61 68 64


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