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As an owner/manager of a company considering new ideas and facing the challenges in a rapidly changing business environment, you may need an advisor who asks the tough questions and views things from another perspective, or can help with business start-ups, budgeting, leasing, avoid pitfalls etc.

HORESTA as a collaborator
The idea behind HORESTAs Consulting Team is to offer qualified company-specific coaching at a price that gives you value for money.
If you are interested in a visit by our Consulting Team, please contact HORESTA, and tell us a about your situation. We would like as much information about the company as possible in advance and, depending on the scope of the task, we put together a small team of experts who will pay a visit to your company. Often the team will consist of one of HORESTAs own consultants and an external consultant.

Together we spend 4-5 hours analyzing the business and the problem at hand. You decide how the time is best spent. Finally, the Consulting Team prepares an action plan with concrete suggestions for improvement. The goal is to finish our report within 7 days after our visit. The purpose of the task force is not to solve all problems in one day, but to help your company in the right direction.

Price incl. transportation is DKK 15,000 excl. VAT for members of HORESTA and DKK 27,000 excl. VAT for non-members.


For further information contact:

Jonas Kjær

Senior Economist
Knowledge & Development
Tlf. +45 35 24 80 80




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