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Financial check-up

Are you curious about how successful your company is compared to others in the industry?
Are there areas in your business that can be optimised further?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then, as a member of HORESTA, you have the opportunity to get a financial check-up based on HORESTAs Hotel and Restaurant Industry Report.

The financial check-up includes a benchmark of your company’s performance that compares your results to the average of similar companies in the industry. We measure your company’s performance using different key ratios e.g. the gross margin, the wage rate and other cost indicators. The financial check-up illustrates how your company is performing compared to the industry average, thereby highlighting the possibilities for optimising your business.

In order to receive a financial check-up, we need your company’s annual accounts or the trial balance. Subsequently we will prepare the performance benchmark chart together with our comments. All submitted data will be treated strictly confidentially.


For further information contact:

Jonas Kjær

Senior Economist
Knowledge & Development
Tlf. +45 35 24 80 80




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