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Team Gastronomi Danmark was established with the aim of ensuring Denmark a spot in the very top of the gastronomic world. Denmark is a small country, but has a great gastronomic potential both among trainees and professionals.

The purpose of Team Gastronomi Danmark is to support Danish preparation and participation in international competitions for trainees and professional gastronomers. By gastronomers we mean chefs, waiters, open sandwich makers and others who have an education within the industry.
When supporting Danish gastronomers we support the Danish brand, Danish gastronomy and Danish quality food both nationally and internationally - this benefitting the Danish business sector.

Furthermore it is Team Gastronomi Danmark’s goal to establish an innovative platform for further development of Danish raw materials and food through a continuous and constructive dialog between some of the country’s best gatronomers and selected producers.

Learn more about Team Gastronomi Danmark at www.teamgastronomi.dk.

The parties behind Team Gastronomi Danmark
Following parties have come together in the creation of Team Gatronomi Danmark:

• HORESTA, Hotel-, Restaurant- & Turisterhvervet
• 3F, RestaurationsBranchens Forbund
• Køkkenchefernes Forening
• Euro-Toques
• Hotel- og Restaurantskolen i København
• Silkeborg Tekniske Skole
• Food College Aalborg

The executive committee

Preben Rasmussen, 3F

Committee members
Søren K. Kristiansen, Hotel- og Restaurantskolen i København
Ib Redemacher, Silkeborg Tekniske Skole
Gert Sørensen, Køkkenchefernes Forening
Annette Toft, Landbrugsraadet
Karsten Deibjerg, Partnergruppen
Annette Gotlieb, De Forenede Dampvaskerier


For further information contact:

Marianne Kragh

Education Manager
Legal Department
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80kragh@horesta.dk


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