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Copenhagen is the city in the Nordic countries with the most Michelin stars.

In 2013 Copenhagen was awarded 15 stars divided between 13 restaurants. Copenhagen also became the centre of attention when NOMA was nominated as the best restaurant in world in 2010, 2011 and 2012.This year NOMA is still on the list as runner up, now joined by the worlds best chef - Rasmus Kofoed - who is also on the list of 'the World's 50 Best Restaurants'.

The Danish gastronomic success has not only led to stars and international top ratings; it has also put gastronomy on both the media and the political agenda.

We at HORESTA are proud of the work that leading Danish chefs and restaurateurs carry out. We are proud to witness the successful path that they help building. Therefore we do our best to ensure that Danish gastronomy gets the necessary framework and attention to maintain and further develop its quality and trends.

To help strengthening the industry, HORESTA organises several Gastronomic events such as the annual Danish Championship for professional chefs and waiters; Årets Kok (chef of the year) and Årets Tjener (waiter of the year), and the Danish Trainee Championship for trainees in the chef, waiter, cater and open sandwich maker professions. Furthermore HORESTA is cofounder of the Team Gastronomi Danmark with a seat on the steering committee for the planning of the future MadExperimentarium.


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