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Professional advice at the right moment can save time and a lot of money, and HORESTA can help with most things.

Employment law
As a member of HORESTA, you can get help and advice regarding employment law, including appointments, dismissals, the Danish Holidays with Pay Act, parental leave and much more. Matters to do with collective agreements are dealt with through separate membership of HORESTA Employer (see more below).

Your lawyer is here. Use HORESTAs legal experts with their specialist knowledge of the industry when you have questions about the Danish Restaurants Act, contracts, official requirements, cancellation rules and many other matters to do with commercial law.

Brand new members too are offered a free financial check-up, in which the business’s accounts are compared with industry standards. A financial check-up can identify what needs to be prioritised in order to improve your bottom line.

HORESTAs consulting team offers financial analyses and strategic advice at exceptionally low rates for members – and it goes without saying that the work will be done by selected consultants with experience of the industry.


For further information contact:

Kaare Friis Petersen

Corporate Law Manager 
Legal Department
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80


Karina Lafrenz

Legal Department
Tlf. +45 35 24 80 80kal@horesta.dk

Karina Lafrenz
Jonas Kjær

Senior Economist
Knowledge & Development
Tlf. +45 35 24 80 80


Jan Fischer

Chief Consultant

Sales & Member service
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80
Mobil: +45 22 61 68 64


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