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All employers are required to have a written smoking policy available at the workplace. The smoking policy must contain information on where smoking is allowed, when smoking is allowed, offers on smoking cessation courses (if available) etc.

Finally, the consequences of not complying with the smoking policy, should be considered.

Below you can find HORESTAs checklist of things to remember when you are writing your smoking policy.

Smoking policy – CHECKLIST:

  • It is not allowed to smoke indoors at/in: Danish workplaces (both public and private), offshore facilities, public indoor areas (such as theatres, shops, movie theatres, sport halls, waiting rooms, museums etc), public transport, taxies, restaurants/cafes etc, schools/day-care institutions/other educational institutions etc.

  • Smoking is permitted in specially-designated smoking rooms and smoking cabins. Smoking is also permitted in work premises that serve as a workplace for one person at a time. Smoking in these premises may, however, only take place behind closed doors.

  • What should a written smoking policy contain?
    • The purpose of the smoking policy (i.e. that no one – neither employees nor others - are exposed of passive smoking).

    • Where smoking is permitted: I.e. nowhere (only outside company grounds), outside (on company grounds – and where exactly), in single offices, in smoking rooms/ cabins etc.

    • When smoking is permitted: I.e. during smoking breaks, during meetings etc.

    • Whether or not the company offers smoking cessation courses, nicotine patches or the like, if an employee wishes to quit smoking.

    • What the consequences will be if an employee does not comply with the smoking policy. I.e. reprimand, written warning, redundancy.

    • Information on how guests, clients, suppliers, workmen etc will be informed of the policy.

    • An evaluation plan stating who will do the follow up and when.


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