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Operating license

What is an operating license?
An operating license gives the holder of the license the right to operate a business within the food sector. It ensures that the holder of the license possesses the necessary qualifications. The operating license can be revoked if the holder of the license does not follow the rules and laws associated with the license.

How do I obtain an operating license?
The application process for an operating license is administered by the police. You can download the application form at www.politi.dk or by contacting HORESTA.

Who can obtain an operating license?
You have a right to apply for an operating license is you reside in Denmark, are of legal age, are not insolvent or declared bankrupt, do not have a considerable dilapidated debt to the authorities, have passed the license tests in the areas that are of importance to the operation of a restaurant or have a relevant vocational education or operated a restaurant with an operating license on the 1st of July 2005 or were approved as manager of a restaurant on the 1st of July 2005.

Read more about the license test on www.virk.dk or contact HORESTA.

Who needs an operating license?
To operate a restaurant or a hotel, you need an operating license. It is the person, with the financial responsibility of the business who needs to acquire the license.


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