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Organisational structure

HORESTA is the national trade association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in Denmark with about 2,000 members.

Our members represent approximately 85 pct. of the hotel capacity in Denmark and about 50 pct. of the revenue from restaurants. Furthermore our members employ around 75 pct. of the 70,000 people working in the hotel and restaurant sector – a sector with an annual turnover of DKK 28 billion.

Organisational structure
HORESTAs highest authority is the Board of Representatives.
The Board of Representatives is comprised of 35 industry representatives who normally assemble three times a year. The Board of Representatives sets the framework for the work HORESTA is doing and defines the overall goals and policies of the organisation.

The Board of Representatives is also responsible for the elections of the Board of Directors and the board members etc. HORESTAs Board is made up of 9 members. Members of the Board of Directors (danish website)

HORESTAs organisational structure, first of all, ensures that all its member’s interests - regardless of the type of company, location or size - are being properly handled and done so in a democratic manner.

Secondly, the structure ensures a very close and crucial contact to the members and finally, that everyone’s interests are represented by the Board of Representatives and by the Board.

Contact the Board
To ensure that all viewpoints, arguments and ideas are being heard, all members of HORESTA are more than welcome to contact a member of the Board of Representatives.

Members of the Board of Representatives - HORESTA (danish website)

Members of the Board of Representatives - HORESTA Employer (danish website)

Furthermore, all members are welcome to contact HORESTAs administration with questions, viewpoints, problems and suggestions. The administration will of course handle all matters with discretion, if called for.


For further information contact:

Jesper Bengtson

Senior Consultant 
Economic-Political Department
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80



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