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HORESTA Employer looks after the interests of employers who operate a business in the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry. As a member of HORESTA Employer, you will also be a member of the Confederation of Danish Employers.

Collective agreements
HORESTA Employer’s primary objective is to look after its members’ interests in all matters regarding pay and terms of employment, including the renewal of current collective agreements. HORESTA Employer sign and maintain collective agreements in all areas relevant to our members. As a member of HORESTA Employer you are sure to put terms and conditions in place that will benefit your entire business.

HR liability and advice
Expert assistance is available on every conceivable HR-related question having to do with collective agreements, management and administration, including advice on collective agreements, employment protection legislation, paid holiday legislation, sick pay, equality, business transfers, vocational education and training, dismissal, industrial disputes, etc.

Assistance with legal proceedings
The annual subscription includes access to legal assistance, including legal proceedings in industrial cases and, under certain circumstances, legal assistance with civil cases in the ordinary courts. In short we will assist you with all questions concerning your HR/employer’s liability and act as a sounding board and case administrator if you are contacted by your employees’ trade unions.

Health and safety
In the area of health and safety HORESTA Employer will assist you with practical solutions to challenges, problems and negotiations with your employees, the authorities and other bodies.

Financial compensation for disputes
It should also be pointed out that HORESTA Employer and the Confederation of Danish Employers provides both legal and financial assistance in connection with industrial disputes, so you can claim compensation in the event of a strike or lockout. 

Other services offered to members of HORESTA Employer include the following
Difficult conversations
Pay as an incentive
Diversity management
The appraisal interview
Value-based management

To qualify for membership of HORESTA Employer, a business must also be a member of HORESTA. The annual subscription for the “full package” consisting of HORESTA and HORESTA Employer (including subscription to the Confederation of Danish Employers, DA) is 0.565 per cent of your company's total wage costs. A basic subscription of DKK 4,271 (2012 figure, index linked) is payable in addition to this.

Contribution to the Assistance Fund
On joining HORESTA Employer businesses pay a one-off contribution of 0.1% of their wage bill to the Assistance Fund, which is used to pay dispute compensation (see above).


For further information contact:

Pia E. Voss

Executive Director
Legal Department
Tlf.: +45 35 24 80 80voss@horesta.dk


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