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Political Influence

HORESTA works intensively to enhance its members’ competitive conditions and earning opportunities. It is quite simple really – the more of us, the greater our influence.

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Amelie Empereur

EU requirements on labeling a barrier to innovation

Amelie Empereur from Euro-Toque points out that European chefs may find it difficult in the future to create new and innovative dishes in restaurants if they are to meet EU requirements on labeling.

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The Danish Hotel Star Classification

More and more countries in Europe are working towards a joint star classification system. With the recent major changes in its classification system, Denmark is moving in the same direction.

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Green Key

The Green Key is a worldwide available eco-label awarded to leisure organizations, such as hotels, youth hostels, conference- and holiday centres, campsites, holiday-houses and leisure facilities.

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Consequences of implementing the fat tax

In November 2011, HORESTA conducted a survey of its members with the aim of identifying the consequences of implementing the fat tax for the hotel, restaurant and tourist industry.

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HORESTA fordele

Cash Benefits

HORESTAs members have access to a number of highly attractive discount agreements, enabling them to save money with their membership. This page gives you the overview...

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Features of HORESTA Press & Politics

In addition to VISITOR, the industry magazine, we offer you HORESTA’s online newsletter, which provides news relevant to the industry and an overview of the latest press cuttings from both Danish...

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